Infotrade Maalicard

Infotrade Maalicard :  It is a pre-paid

debit card with a complete end-to-end technology platform. The Card provides the opportunity for farmers/ traders to store, save, receive, send and spend money electronically,with consequent savings in cost and time along with considerable other benefits associated direct links to buyers and off-takers. The members can send money to their farmers within the ecosystem at a minimum cost or have direct saving on card or loan repayments.  You can withdraw money from any agents of Inter-switch, bank ATM with VERVE LOGO.

Over 69% of the farmers in the rural commodity trade are operating on small  size lands  about 2.5 acres with no formal bank accounts. We offer  pre-debit card as payment solution to registered farmers and traders while offering loyalty arrangement  in offer take markets. The card users  have the opportunity to save, transfer, deposit, withdraw and purchase using the card in participating stores and ATMs.