The Infotrade Marketplace

Brief about Infotrade

Infotrade which refers to the “information for trade” was initiated in 2008 as service brand for farmers and traders. It is an integrated enterprises management platform that is packed with content, from profiles, farmers and trader directories, service linkages;- information sourcing, analysis and dissemination channel that connects farmers and traders to sustainable markets. It is applies a holistic approach to service delivery and de-risk the management of farm enterprises. As platform it facilitates business connectivity, traceability, service management and monitoring of utilization by the end users.

Tailored  Users Databases

Infotrade enables online profiling of  farmers  and Potential merchants (service providers) to register and offer services directly to organized farmer groups, cooperatives, farmer associations and  farmer marketing groups.

Business Linkage Using the Social Media Web application 

Service providers like banks, insurers, inputs & equipment providers or extension services. Have an opportunity to tap into a organized market channel.  All buyers, producers and Service providers registered one platform.

Why Infotrade ?

Infotrade system creates an upward spiral ;  farmers can take informed decisions based on sound information on markets and the risks they are exposed to. Farmers are encouraged to invest more into selection of three farm crops /enterprises with aim of drawing specific attention to effective production that is linked to sustainable markets while lowering the cost of operation.


 Currently the platform has been embraced in Uganda with over 37,000 farmers, Kenya with 18,000 farmers and Tanzania with start of 7600 farmers.   It has a total of 126 Cooperatives, farmer organization registered.


Three Primary Societies that are being supported to develop products for market entry with specific reference to the Shea Nut bi products.


Dissemination of Market Information to over 3,800,000 users over ten years.

You can request for any of  the following  services intervention for your farmer groups or cooperatives.

Intervention Cards

o    Member Profiling Services

o   Market Information Services

o   Weather Information Services

o   E-Payment Collection Services

o   Cooperative Web Hosting Services  

o   Enterprise  Record Management services

o   Partner/sponsor tracking & M &E Data Services