In Uganda today, buyers and sellers of agricultural produce meet primarily at the local markets because this  is the one platform one is guaranteed to find exactly what they are looking for or information on where to find it. 

Farmers in Uganda and all over the world know that to sell bulk produce one needs to be connected to a bulk buyer e.g. cooperatives, non government organisations, bulk stores etc. Infotrade goes an extra step to provide a farmer or producer with another platform to inform potential buyers about their produce, by using a blackboard.  

At each of our district markets in Uganda from where we are collecting prices, this blackboard is installed. The blackboard has only two purposes - for people looking for market for their produce to post their offers and those looking to buy. The blackboard captures 3 major items;

  Item /Crop on sale

If anyone is interested in buying or selling an item they saw on the blackboard all they simply have to do is call the number displayed, no costs involved. For privacy reasons we do not capture the contact person's full name.


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