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Weekly Market Report - Vol.1, No.21 Jul 16, 2018
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Papaya/Pawpaw is a fast growing tree like herb that belongs to the cactus group of plants. The fruit is usually referred to as the pawpaw and “Epapali” in luganda.

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Weekly Market Report Vol 1 , No.20 Jul 9, 2018

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Although globally obscure, cowpea is grown by tens of millions of smallholders in Africa. In fact, it is estimated that 200 million children, women, and men live off the plant consuming the seeds daily whenever available.

Weekly Market Report Vol 1 , No.18 Jun 18, 2018

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Onions (allium cepa) locally known as “obutungulu” in luganda are cool season biennial crops. This vegetable is typically grown annually. The dry bulb onions are harvested after the leaves have dried back and the bulbs fully matured.

Weekly Market Report Vol 1 , No.17 Jun 11, 2018

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Maize production has improved in Uganda with the adoption of improved technologies by farmers. These technologies include improved seeds like hybrid and open pollinated varieties, timely planting, proper spacing and timely weeding and harvesting.

Weekly Market Report Vol 1 , No.16 Jun 4, 2018

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Cabbage (Brassica oleracea var capitata L.) is a known source of vitamins and mineral nutrients for human diets worldwide. In Uganda, cabbage is among the lucrative vegetable crops grown mainly by small-scale farmers for local consumption and for the growing urban markets.

Weekly Market Report Vol 1 , No.15 May 28, 2018

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The Boer goat was developed in South Africa in the early 1900s for meat production. Their name is derived from the Dutch word “Boer” meaning farmer.

Weekly Market Report Vol 1 , No.14 May 21, 2018

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Simsim is a flowering plant which is cultivated for its edible seeds, which grow in pods. It has one of the highest oil contents of any seed. Simsim seed is considered to be the oldest oilseed crop known...

Weekly Market Report Vol 1 , No.13 May 14, 2018

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Cassava is a perennial shrub, which produces enlarged tuberous roots. Its height ranges from about 1 to 3 m or more. The stems are usually small and glabrous with nodes. The leaves vary in color from green to reddish. There is a great variation in tuber number, shape and size and the angle at which they penetrate the ground.

Weekly Market Report Vol 18 , No.12 Apr 23, 2018

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Irish Potato is a herbaceous starchy, tuberous crop. Globally the Irish potatoes are the fourth largest food crop following rice, wheat and maize. Available varieties in Uganda include: Victoria, Kisoro, Kabaale, Rutuku and NAKPoT (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5).

Weekly Market Report Vol 18 , No.11 Apr 16, 2018

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Mushrooms are grown in ‘gardens’ where the spawns are inoculated. The spawns are filled into sterile glass bottles through a process that requires specific tools and knowledge. Farmers can either buy mushroom spawns from specialized producers at local markets, or be trained for producing mushroom spawns themselves.

Weekly Market Report Vol 18 , No.10 Apr 9, 2018

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Soybean (Glycine max L) is the world‘s most important vegetable oil crop, providing the cheapest source of protein for both human and livestock diets. Its protein content (40%) is unrivalled among crops, in addition to high content (20%) of quality edible oil. Soybean protein contains all the essential amino acids; and contains significant amounts of minerals (Fe, Zn, Ca, Mg); the oil is 85% unsaturated comprised of linoleic and oleic acid shown to reduce the risk of heart disease.
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