AGMIS is an on-line platform that incorporates market information collected from different information providers. This platform is also used by field officers to carry out on spot data entry from wherever they are allowing you to access real time data the moment it is added.

Information in AGMIS includes information on market prices, input prices, commodity offers where members can post produce for selling/buying, agricultural directories.


  View all Agricultural Market Prices collected from all major district markets in Uganda
  Post and view commodity offers posted by other members trading in agricultural produce
  Fuel Prices collected from major district fueling stations in Uganda
  Organic Prices collected and supplied by Nogamu
  Input Prices collected and supplied by AMITSA
  Interactive user generated reports to compare commodity prices
  Historical Price Analysis
  List of agricultural stakeholders in Uganda, e.g. Input Suppliers, traders, bulk stores.
  Weekly Agricultural Market Reports published by FIT Uganda Ltd

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Commodity Prices

Fuel Prices

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