Weekly Market Reports

We collect food prices three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Field officers from each of the 23 markets covered collects prices and other relevant agricultural data and enters it into a secure on-line database. 
Once a week all the data entered into the database is analysed and a summary report is produced containing highlights from the week. This report includes;

  Average food prices per market
  Offers received for selling and buying commodities
  Adverts for upcoming agricultural events - workshops, trainings, meetings
  Featured commodity - every week we feature one special commodity 
  Weather Forecasts for the next 7 Days
  Fuel Prices from major districts in Uganda
  Narrative Analysis explaining why price changes occurred that week 

The weekly market report is free and is sent directly to your email. Sign up here.
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Market Analysis Reports

Every year we compile all weekly reports produced during the year ending, summarize them and come up with a book - The Infotrade Market Analysis Report. This book includes highlights of prices for all markets and illustration of price trends for all commodities in the course of the year.
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Customized Reports

Customized reports give you a broader and deeper analysis of price information for a commodity(ies) from a single district or various districts over a specific period. This report is designed using high end interactive graphs and reports and narrative analysis. View graph sample. If you would like to request for a customized report please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Market information can also be received on SMS. You can register with us to send you price changes in specific markets and  news covering specific topics, agricultural or other. The use of SMS has been used extensively world over to reach millions of users because of its low cost and ease of access.

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AgMIS [Agricultural Market Information System] is an on-line platform that gives you access to more information collected at  Infotrade. While the website gives you average commodity prices, AgMIS allows you to break down prices to district and market level. 
Also AgMIS allows you to generate reports which you can export to jpeg, png and pdf. You can also export and use these reports in any Microsoft Office Program.
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Like AgMIS, LAMIS [Localised MIS] is an online platform built for organisations involved in market information collection. This customized platform allows you to add your own markets and generate reports specific to your needs. LAMIS users are also able to access summary market information collected by other LAMIS users and all other information in the AgMIS. 
Read more to learn how you and your organisation can acquire LAMIS.


Automate all your farm activities in a neat online record management system. FARMIS [Farmer Record Management System] is designed for the farmer who would like to be able to calculate how many seeds he brought, or the percentage of farm land on which he planted fresh beans, or how much of his load he has paid, and so on. FARMIS does all this.

to access additional reports and graphs, and historical, or contact us at


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