We like to see market information as a business resource that encompasses a lot more than prices of food commodities. To understand how prices work other information needs to come into play. We collect and compile information on prices of inputs, organic prices, prices at county/sub county/parish/village level and soon you will also be able to find information on volumes sold per district market in Uganda.

Food Prices

Prices for 46 major commodities in Uganda. We cover a total of 16 major districts evenly spread out across all regions in the country and collect price data 3 times a week. Here, you will find current average prices for all markets; if you would like to see a break down of prices into specific collection areas please subscribe to AGMIS.

Input Prices

With help from our partnering organisation, AMITSA, we bring you information on current prices for inputs from East Africa and beyond. This ranges from fertilizers, seeds and pesticides. Countries include Burundi, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. See current prices.

Organic Prices

There is plenty of evidence showing organic food to have far greater nutrient levels than conventionally farmed food. (Source: '7 reasons to go Organic'). The National Organic Agricultural Movement of Uganda (Nogamu) in partnership with Infotrade allows you to compare prices for conventional vs organic foods collected from all over Uganda. For more about the organic movement in Uganda please visit their website.
See Current Organic Prices

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Commodity Prices

Fuel Prices

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